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Quality Policy

At Synchro Pharmaceuticals, quality management is our foremost concern because the company believes in building of quality right from the selection of raw material through the whole manufacturing process, till the end product. The qualitative edge of Synchro Pharmaceuticals stems from our highly skilled work force and professional management backed by ongoing integrated human resource training and development program.

Synchro’s scope of services comprises basic essence of customer’s requirement, thus satisfying the concerns related to cost, time and quality. We manufacture high-quality branded product, which are leaders in their class, at our cGMP-compliant facility in Pakistan. The Quality Policy of Synchro Pharmaceuticals is designed to produce good quality medicines and make them affordable to those in need.

At Synchro, it is a basic premise that Quality is not merely conformance to specifications; it is, in fact, building quality into the product at all stages of manufacturing in order to achieve the desired results within the required time-frame. Its quality system is based on the belief that there is always room for improvement and every member contributes towards achieving the highest standards of quality.

A highly qualified and trained team of pharmacists, chemists and engineers work in our Operations departments in an environment that celebrates continuous improvement in quality.