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Synchro Pharmaceuticals is recognized on the market as a leading manufacturer of solid dosage & pharmaceutical product, with new innovative products coming to the market every year. The company is known for its unique technology, solutions for the best return on investment, and its excellent customer support. Synchro Pharmaceuticals designs and fabricates a broad product line of pharmaceutical. Our goal is to be a manufacturer that offers the greatest value, by helping our clients to address all of their needs in today’s rapidly changing market

Synkast Tablet

Montelukast Sodium

Moflox Tablet

Moxifloxacin As HCl

Linlid Tablet

Linzolid 600mg

Allerzin Tablet


Aclonac-K Tablet

Diclofenac Potassium

Synocip Tablet

Ciprofloxacin – HCl U.S.P